Walking Safaris

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In principle you don't get quite as close to big game on a walking safari as you would in a vehicle (although in practice it can turn out to be just the opposite!), but you also get the opportunity to study things - such as insects, trees, droppings and spoor - that you normally never observe from a vehicle, and see the bush from the wildlife's eye view, rather than looking down on everything from the back of your 4x4. Walking safaris are a great opportunity for photographers to get down to ground level for some impressive pictures.

Walking safaris in Africa are not generally particularly strenuous - you will be stopping frequently to observe the fascinating details of the bush so the pace is not brisk by any means, but you will be travelling over rough terrain. Walking safaris are available at most lodges in Zambia and, to a lesser extent in Kenya, Tanzania and Botswana.

However much more serious dedicated walking safaris are also offered by AfricaAway, who are probably the industry leaders in this context. Specifically, we have designed a series of different itineraries within various National Parks in Zambia which involve major camp-to-camp walking transfers, in addition to more relaxed walking, and game viewing etc, within the vicinity of each camp. 

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