Multimedia Gallery

Most lodges and tour operators will include a 'Gallery' section on their websites that includes numerous still photographs, usually taken by themselves.

However we have taken this concept a step further by also including a number of short videos taken by ourselves, together with links to a number of webcams that can be accessed live on-line.


Safari Photo Gallery

Click on the images to open galleries of photos from our own safari travels.

The Leopard Story

A leopard was trapped all day in a tree halfway across Zambia’s Luangwa River, having failed to notice the large number of crocodiles that suddenly surfaced to surround it. After enduring a full day out in the heat, snarling regularly, it finally escaped overnight!

Big Five

The Big Five: Lion, Elephant, Leopard, Buffalo, Rhino. are, almost by definition, the most sought-after of all Africa's wildlife. 

They're not just 'big' in size, but also in producing the most excitement and awe.

African Birds

A selection of photos of some of the remarkable birds of Africa.

These range from carmine bee eaters, saddle-billed storks and vultures, through egyptian geese, hornbills and fish eagles, to the iconic sacred ibis.


Safari Video Gallery

AfricaAway presents these safari video clips as a chance to provide viewers with an understanding and appreciation of the safari experience.  For more videos, please visit AfricaAway's YouTube channel here:

Elephants and Hippos

These elephant and hippo moments were captured in Zambia's Lower Zambezi and South Luangwa National Parks.

As with most of these videos, they were captured by AfricaAway's own staff.

Victoria Falls

Video of Victoria Falls seen in May when the water level was still quite high. This resulted in a lot of mist and a lot of noise.

However if you visit a few months' later all that you will see are the 'Victoria Cliffs' - not the same thing at all!

Safari Travel

This video captures different modes of transport while on Safari, from flight transfers, through game drives and night drives to simply travelling through rural Africa. However it is probably the walking safari that will be remembered most.

Nyimba Fishing Village

Many safari operators offer trips to local villages to provide visitors with a true flavour of African life.

This video was taken on a trip that we took to the Nyimba Fishing Village.

Puku Ridge Camp

Puku Ridge is a tented camp in the South Luangwa Valley, offering luxurious accommodation, each room having its own private viewing deck.

Puku Ridge is central to many South Luangwa based walking safaris.


Safari Webcams

At its best, the opportunity to follow wildlife live in Africa's safari parks with these fantastic webcams cannot be bettered. At the same time it must be pointed out that sometimes there is no action to see at all!


In September 1998 AfriCam created the world's first virtual game reserve by starting its first live transmissions from a waterhole in Djuma Game Reserve, in South Africa.

Since then it has probably become the leader in this field.


Located in Tembe National Park in South Africa.

The elephants at Tembe are of the largest elephants in the world (including the famous 'Isilo') and are also among the last of the natural free roaming elephants


This is located at the Tau Game Lodge in South Africa's (malaria free) Madikwe Game Reserve.

This beautiful area is known as the Great Marico and it is in this spectacular setting that Tau Game Lodge is situated.