About Us

AfricaAway is a division of an already well-established UK-based boutique travel company, The Away Company Ltd, which also incorporates SpainAway and RuralGranadaVillas amongst its activities.

AfricaAway itself is a specialised tour operator dedicated to organizing safaris throughout Africa. We aim to provide our guests with an experience that they will not get elsewhere.

Traditionally, safari tour operators have concentrated almost exclusively on providing the wildlife viewing experience that is the image of a ‘safari’ that most people will identify with. However in Swahili, ‘safari’ actually means a journey, and AfricaAway firmly believes that the opportunity to visit Africa enables a journey involving the human soul – from the atavistic pleasure of observing wild animals in a true wilderness habitat, through the opportunity to at least fleetingly experience how a vastly different people live out their near-subsistence existence, to a clearer understanding of our own place in creation.

Thus, in designing its African safari itineraries, AfricaAway has created unforgettable experiences that will live in your memory for the remainder of your life. Our aim is to integrate a compassion for wildlife with a sensitivity for the local people and their cultural traditions, presenting an opportunity to extend the visitor’s own horizons that may well be denied to future generations, as population pressures continually threaten this precious heritage.


Why Book With AfricaAway

The entire success of your safari may depend on who you choose to organise it for you.

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Responsible Tourism

It is impossible to be involved in African tourism without being conscious of the responsibilities that this imposes

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Hunting And Conservation

Although few tour operators - and fewer still safari camps and lodges - ever discuss these topics, AfricaAway has strong views on them, which we hope will give you cause for thought.

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