Sporting Activities

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Africa offers visitors a wealth of sporting activities to try out while on safari - from mountaineering to golf.

At AfricaAway we like to offer more than the traditional game drives for those looking for a safari with something extra.  There are numerous destinations across Africa that offer some sort of sporting activity to those looking for something a little more strenuous than sitting in a 4x4 all day.

At the Victoria Falls in Zambia, you can go white-water rafting, bungee jumping and gorge swinging.  Horseback treks are available there as well as specialised lodges in Botswana, Zambia and Kenya.  Bikers can get their two-wheel fix in Kenya and Tanzania, while climbers can test their skills on Mounts Kilimanjaro and Kenya.

Golf is also available as an activity (though not necessarily in the bush) in Kenya.  A full range of watersports are available at all the coastal resorts, more on which can be found here.

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