Green Season Safaris

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The green, or "emerald", season is for those that want to see the Parks when the waters are high, the vegetation is lush and fellow tourists thin on the ground.

Each year the arrival of the rains in November and December across central and eastern Africa heralds the start of the Green, or "Emerald" season.  High water levels and verdant growth turns the bush into a very different environment to the dry and dusty scenes usually associated with safari-country, and provides a unique and fascinating time to visit.

The rainy season will vary depending on where in Africa you travel.  In Botswana and Zambia, rains start in November time and continue until February, while further north in Tanzania and Kenya there are two rainy seasons, one in November/ December and another longer season of rains March - May.

Wildlife does tend to be harder to spot as they have plenty of places to hide and no shortage of water, and so can move where they want, but the reflections from the water and clear air make for great photography.  An added bonus is that lodges will offer green-season rates which represent a good saving on visiting in peak time, and many will offer great long-stay deals, which are popular so make sure you book early.

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