Cultural Visits

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We can arrange for you to visit a local village as part of a traditional safari, or even organise a full cultural tour with the emphasis on meeting and interacting with the local population.

Although we've rather grandiosely titled this section "Cultural Visits" what we really mean is getting out of the Parks and lodges and meeting some of the local people in their villages and towns. For many, a safari is all about seeing the wildlife and scenery, but to be honest that is a shame, as there is a wealth of beauty and marvel to be found in the local populations and the way they live their lives. We guarantee that if you have not visited a genuine village in some of the more rural areas of Africa, you will be in for an eye-opening but hopefully also joyful time.

The people in these parts of the world are poor, and live on what we in the West would consider impossibly small means. Although poor, these people are welcoming towards visitors and truly hospitable. The children in particular will make you feel like a hero, especially if you bring along a football or something for their under-supplied schools.

Visits to villages or schools can be arranged at many of the lodges in Africa - just ask your host while on safari if you are interested.

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