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Climbing one of two of Africa's most iconic mountains is a possibility for many.

Mount Kilimanjaro is one of Africa’s iconic sights, and, as with any mountain, it provokes the desire to climb it, especially as such a climb places you at the highest peak of Africa, at a height of 5895 m.  Known as 'The Roof of Africa', Mount Kenya offers serious climbers the opportunity to scale Africa's second highest peak, whilst also remaining within the scope of the merely energetic.

On either mountain, although reaching the summit involves trekking, rather than true climbing, do not take such an endeavour lightly. Strict acclimatisation to the altitude is vital, and many people just can’t make it, due to experiencing altitude sickness.

A climb like this needs to be undertaken as part of a seriously guided expedition, and not just entered into solo. AfricaAway will be pleased to provide further details of how to go about this - using a trusted and reputable guide company.

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