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A safari in Africa offers fantastic opportunities for birdwatchers to expand their sightings list.

An African safari can be paradise for the keen birdwatcher, with a myriad of unique environments and habitats to explore.  The sheer variety of birdlife present in the safari countries of Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana and Zambia means you are guaranteed to see plenty.

Birding in Africa is normally best during the northern hemisphere's winter months, which coincides with the arrival of many migratory species into central and southern Africa.  No matter when you travel, however, there will always be a lot to see, and most good quality lodges have staff members and guides specifically trained in bird identification and behaviour, to further enhance your game drive time.

We can tailor a safari for those that have specific interests, from general birdwatching to hunting for a particular species, and private vehicle hire is available at most lodges to help maximise your holiday in Africa.

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