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http://www.gov.sz/ : The official (very slow-loading)government website

AllAfrica.com : A news website aggregating information from over 300 sources, together with specially commissioned articles and commentaries.

AfricaGuide.com: Exhaustive resource website covering the whole of Africa – climate, travel and medical advice, visas and money, public holidays, getting around, people and culture, shopping and forums.

The Lonely Planet and TripAdvisor websites may also provide useful information.

A small landlocked country in southern Africa, Swaziland (officially the Kingdom of Swaziland) is bordered by Mozambique to the northeast and by South Africa to the southeast, south, west and north. Bantu migrations in the 15th and 16th centuries from the Great Lakes regions of Eastern Africa formed the initial population base of the country. Then, as a result of the Anglo Boer war, Britain make Swaziland a protectorate under its direct control. Swaziland eventually gained its independence in 1968.

Swaziland has the highest HIV infection rate in the world (26% of all adults) and the lowest life expectancy at 32 years of age. Based on its stunning scenery and well-run wildlife parks and reserves, Swaziland  has a certain amount to offer travellers, although it's not always easy to find accommodation facilities in parts of the country. It is most likely to be visited as a stopover within a larger tour of South Africa.

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