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Ghana is situated on the southern coast of the West African bulge and is bordered to the east by Togo, to the west by the Ivory Coast, to the south by the Atlantic Ocean and to the north and northwest by Burkina Fasso. The merger of the British Crown colony called Gold Coast, and the Togoland trust territory, officially formed Ghana in 1957, when it became the first sub-Saharan country in colonial Africa to gain its independence.

Compared to other countries in the region, Ghana is stable and prosperous. The country is known for many miles of stunning beaches, interesting remnants of its European colonial past, the lively city of Accra, Lake Volta, and the parks and wildlife of its central and northern reaches.

Because of this, and thanks also to its friendly people, improving infrastructure and diverse cultures, Ghana is becoming an increasingly popular destination for tourists. Arguably the main major attraction in Ghana is the Ashanti Region in the centre of the country, which is home to numerous small lakes, waterfalls, national parks, and birds and wildlife sanctuaries.

Although we do not currently offer a tourism product here, Ghana certainly needs to be bookmarked for future travel.

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