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Gabon is situated on the west coast of Africa and is bordered on the north by Cameroon, on the east and south by the Congo and the west by the Atlantic Ocean, to the northwest by Equatorial Guinea. Gabon was one of the four original territories forming French Equatorial Africa, becoming independent in 1960. Abundant natural resources have helped make Gabon one of the more prosperous and stable African countries.

Despite Gabon's tourist industry being somewhat underdeveloped, increasing numbers of travellers do enjoy its beaches, ocean and inland fishing facilities and marvellous wildlife. President Omar Bongo has designated a massive 10% of the country as national parks, with Loango National Park – ‘Africa’s Last Eden’ – the best known. Located on the coast, this park offers the opportunity to see elephants, hippos, leopards, gorillas, and buffalo roaming on its beautiful white sand beaches, in addition to its interior. The park also has one of the highest concentrations of dolphins and whales in Africa off its coast, second only to South Africa.

Although we do not currently offer a tourism product here, Gabon certainly needs to be bookmarked for future travel.

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