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Useful links A selection of varied websites concerning this secretive country.. A news website aggregating information from over 300 sources, together with specially commissioned articles and commentaries. Exhaustive resource website covering the whole of Africa – climate, travel and medical advice, visas and money, public holidays, getting around, people and culture, shopping and forums.

The Lonely Planet and TripAdvisor websites may also provide useful information.

Eritrea is located in north eastern Africa bordering with Ethiopia in the south, Sudan in north, Djibouti in the southeast and the Red Sea to the east. Originally under Ethiopia’s control, Eritrea broke free in the early 1990s, although conflict with Ethiopia continued subsequently to this.

Although the government has recently started a twenty year plan to develop the country's tourist industry, this aim is likely to be hindered by drought, political instability, and on-and-off wars. In addition, landmines and unexploded ordnance remain a serious problem throughout the country. So far as tourism is concerned, the country has been described as ‘doomed to remain a hidden gem’, and we cannot disagree with this conclusion.

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