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Cameroon borders with Chad in the north and northeast, Central African Republic in the east, Congo, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea in the south, the Gulf of Guinea (Atlantic Ocean) in the Southwest, while to the west and northwest lies Nigeria. Its population is around 19 million.

First colonised by Germany, Cameroon was then invaded, and jointly controlled by both the English and French, and true independence wasn’t achieved until comparatively late on – in the early 1990s.

Cameroon’s potential for tourism is blighted slightly by the tough area in which it is located. But its northern region is the country's major tourism draw, featuring as it does numerous wildlife reserves, including Waza National Park with its cheetahs, elephants, giraffes and hippos. Then Yaoundé is home to most of Cameroon's museums and national monuments, while the Western highlands offer picturesque mountain scenery, waterfalls and lakes. The beach area around Kribi also enjoys a certain popularity.

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