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Useful links

www.burundi-gov.bi/: The official government website (in French)

AllAfrica.com: A news website aggregating information from over 300 sources, together with specially commissioned articles and commentaries.

AfricaGuide.com: Exhaustive resource website covering the whole of Africa – climate, travel and medical advice, visas and money, public holidays, getting around, people and culture, shopping and forums.

The Lonely Planet and TripAdvisor websites may also provide useful information.

With a population of just under 9 million people, Burundi is one of the ten poorest countries in the world. It became notorious for the civil war between its Tutsi and Hutu peoples, although it is hoped that stability is now beginning to return.

Once known as Urundi, the country was controlled by Germany from 1884, and by Belgium from 1919, until gaining its independence in 1962. It borders with Rwanda to its north, Tanzania to the east and south and to the west by Zaire.

Burundi cannot really be regarded as a safe tourist destination, its future being regarded as somewhat bleak, since less than 50% of children attend school, and HIV/AIDS is almost out of control. In addition, basic foods and medicines are in short supply.

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