Burkina Faso

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www.gouvernement.gov.bf/: The official government website (in French)

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AfricaGuide.com: Exhaustive resource website coveriGg the whole of Africa – climate, travel and medical advice, visas and money, public holidays, getting around, people and culture, shopping and forums.

The Lonely Planet and TripAdvisor websites may also provide useful information.

With an estimated population of 16 million, Burkina Faso gained its independence from France in 1960, changing its name from the Republic of Upper Volta in 1984. It is bordered by Niger in the east, Benin in the southeast, Togo and Ghana and Ivory Coast in the south, and in the west and north by Mali.

Agriculture occupies around 80% of its working population, and it is also well known for its contribution to Africa’s cinematic industry, for its music, and for its fascination with football.

Burkina Faso is a stable country which offers a thriving culture, laid-back cities, and wildlife encounters. It is possible to see it as a minor tourist destination in the future.

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